Would your microbes prefer a beer, Baileys or a gin and tonic? What exactly goes on in your intestines and how do your microbes deal with all the incoming cargo? We will explore the daily life of your gut and discuss how you can help to keep your gut microbiota, and therefore the rest of you, happy and healthy. Along the way we will discuss barley, beer, fibre and poo, but not necessarily in that order!


Professor Rachel Burton is based at the Waite Campus, University of Adelaide. She is a plant scientist and molecular biologist, passionate about plant cell walls and all the useful things they can do for us. She is interested in the ways that the cell wall components are made and put together but even more intrigued by how they are disassembled or fermented in the human gut, because they are the crucial dietary fibre part of our diets. Rachel works on the plant that makes psyllium, commonly known as Metamucil, and is exploring novel ways to use this product in food.

8:30 PM @Maylands - 67 Phillis St, MAYLANDS