Making life long changes, the scientific way. Do you have a sense that you could be doing better? Does your social media feed, your GP or your family subtly or not so subtly demand you change the way you live? It seems that everywhere we turn there is another message telling us to lose weight, stop smoking or exercise more. Even if you are the perfect weight, do not smoke or are a triathlete, there always seems to be something else you need to change.

Join Dr Troye Wallett as he discusses how to embrace the wonder of making changes in your life. He will chat about the science behind change behaviour, habits and making long lasting life improvements. Highly useful and relevant for your personal and business life. His approach is relaxed and joyous and will leave you inspired with actionable take-aways. Bring your drinks and let’s make a ruckus.


Dr Troye Wallett lives a multifaceted life.  His mornings are for working as a GP, his afternoons are for his kids.  He co-founded and owns half of GenWise, the 2017 Telstra Business of the Year. GenWise is is an ethics based, purpose-driven healthcare company that supports doctors working in the aged care sector. His mind is layered, like a golden ratio rectangle which is vital to managing the varied aspects of business, patient care and family life.  Some people are critical of his divided attention, but he sees it as balance. Working in the intersection of health, technology, innovation and customer-service, Troye is driven by purpose and believes that ethics-based businesses are stronger and more sustainable.


6:30 PM @Republic - Embassy Room (Downstairs)- 120 Magill Rd, NORWOOD