For many people choosing the right wine is a difficult and sometimes even a risky task. I have studied consumer wine choice behaviour around the world: how consumers choose wines on shelf, online and on wine lists.  Although there are some important aspects that occur in almost every country, there are cultural and of course individual differences as to what seems to help or even hinder choosing the best wine for you.

We’ll take a look at things like medals and awards, label styles, label information and price to help understand what these say about the wine in the bottle. Recent neuroscience research can even point out what parts of our brain are stimulated when the same wine is consumed but with different information provided.  We’ll look at recent trends, such as natural wines, organic and biodynamic wine to help understand how the outside of the bottle can help you decide whether you might like the wine or not.


Professor Larry Lockshin is Professor of Wine Marketing and Head of the School of Marketing at the University of South Australia.  He has a PhD from Ohio State University in Marketing and an MSc from Cornell University in Viticulture. 

He has published over 120 academic articles; over 250 trade articles and a book on wine marketing, This Little Pinot Went to Market.

His research interests are consumer choice behaviour for wine including how extrinsic and intrinsic factors interact.  He also works on packaging and shopping behaviour for consumer goods. His research extends to measurement issues in understanding consumer behaviour. He is currently working on several consumer wine-related projects in China and in-store behaviour in Australia.

8:30 PM @The Bath - 232 The Parade, NORWOOD