Generation Why

Ever heard the one about the lazy millennials, un-enthusiastic Gen X’ers, and the technologically-inept baby boomers? If you believed the papers, each generation is entirely unique and therefore incompatible. 

Well, Steven Hitchcock is calling bull. To him, generational categories are a little like a modern horoscope – vague enough to ring true, but not backed up by science. So why do we seem to like talking about them so much? In his talk, Steven will discuss how these convenient categories came to be, why we insist on putting people into boxes and how we can work with each other without relying on generational typecasting. 



What are generational narratives, and how do they affect how we work with each other? This is what Steven Hitchcock is aiming to find out in his research. Throughout his career, he has spoken to young professionals in different industries to understand how they identify themselves in the workplace – ultimately noticing a real reticence to be associated with any generational pigeonhole. With a background in organisational and management communications, Steven has picked up a few tricks in how to work with other people, without resorting to putting them in categories. 


8:00 PM @Since I left you, 338 Kent St, Sydney | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Since I left you at 6:30pm is Dimitria Groutsis