the heat is on

Summer lovin’? Not so much. As the temperatures start to soar, the weather is more than just a topic to fill awkward silences. 

We whinge about the humidity while seeking solace in climate-controlled rooms – but how much do we actually understand heat? Does 30 degrees feel the same to you as the next guy? And why do the Brits freak out when the mercury hits 23 degrees? Ollie Jay will turn up the heat on temperature and human health, address the elephant in the room (that’s climate change), and teach us how to stay cool without an air-conditioner. 


In summer you won’t find Ollie Jay lounging by the pool. You’ll more likely spot him on the sidelines during the Australian Open or front and centre during a Cricket NSW match. He’s not there to relax with his mates, he’s there to measure how elite athletes cope with extreme heat – part of a wider research into an extreme heat policy. And in a country where 40-degree days are becoming the norm, having an extreme heat policy is a necessity.

Hailing from the UK, where the sun barely shines, Ollie has pursued a career in thermoregulatory physiology – the study of body temperature. He is keen to understand the physiological and physical factors that determine human heat strain, the associated risk of heat on health and methods for keeping cool when the temperature outside becomes a bit much.

8:00 PM @Harpoon Harry, 40-44 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Harpoon Harry at 6:30pm is Nick Enfield.