Driverless cars: are we ready?

It sounds like a science fiction movie, but technological optimists predict driverless cars will be dominating our roads within the next five years. Dissecting the promise and perils of driverless cars is Robyn Dowling, who will examine how they will shape our cities and our lives as we know them.


In the face of rapid technological expansion and climate change, Robyn Dowling’s research has never been more pertinent. An urban geographer and planner in the Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning, Robyn is well known for her research on social and cultural geographies of cities, and in particular suburban homes and neighbourhoods of Sydney and energy transitions in commercial office spaces.

8:00PM @Trinity Bar, 505 Crown Street, Sydney NSW 2010| Entrance over 18

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Also speaking at Trinity Bar at 6:30pm is Fabio Ramos

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