Me, my robot and I

Imagine we give robots the capacity to learn from their own experiences and interactions with the environment around them. Now imagine we also tell the robots to improve the lives of people with disabilities or better understand the impact of pollution. In this talk Fabio Ramos will discuss recent advances in machine learning that allow robots to learn by themselves and get better at accomplishing these missions. He will also describe applications of these ideas in healthcare, self-driving cars and environment monitoring.


Fabio Ramos is an Associate Professor in machine learning and robotics at the School of Information Technologies, The University of Sydney, and co-director of the Centre for Translational Data Science. His research focuses on statistical machine learning techniques for large-scale data fusion with applications in robotics, mining, environmental monitoring and healthcare. 

6:30PM @Trinity Bar, 505 Crown Street, Sydney NSW 2010| Entrance over 18

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Also speaking at Trinity Bar at 8:00pm is Robyn Dowling

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