Minority report

In Australia, there are more men in senior leadership positions named John than there are women. 

It gets worse. An analysis of 100 ASX directors in 2015 found that only two women and 28 men were of a culturally diverse background. Anglo-Celtic men, on the other hand, numbered 64. 

It’s a bleak reflection of the leadership landscape in Australia, where culturally diverse women and men have to work harder than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts when it comes to breaking into senior leadership roles. Discussing these discrepancies is Dimitria Groutsis, who will explore how diversity can increase productivity and creativity and the simple steps we can take to increase leadership diversity.


Dimitria Groutsis is an advocate for diversity in all forms, be it gender, race or culture. A leading scholar in the field of migration, labour mobility and cultural diversity, she has worked closely with industry partners such as Google, Aurecon, Commonwealth Bank and Deloitte and with not-for-profits such as the Australian Institute for Company Directors and the Diversity Council of Australia; and the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Her research advocates the value of having a diverse workforce and how achieving this goal could benefit organisations and the wider community.


6:30 PM @Since I left you, 338 Kent St, Sydney | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Since I left you at 8:00pm is Steven Hitchcock