Terrorism and dehumanising ideas appeal increasingly to young people over the world. How might we begin to think and talk about terrorism in a way that doesn’t simplify the issues, nor condone the actions, but builds understanding of the complexity of one of the great issues facing the planet? How might we grapple with the idea that evil is something all humans are capable of? How and why do people become terrorists and what can we do to stop that happening?

Join Peter O’Connor to learn the best ways to navigate these difficult topics within New Zealand.


Professor Peter O’Connor is an international expert in using theatre to teach in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, trauma zones and on sensitive issues, including family violence and suicide prevention. He is researching what he calls the post-normal world, where there is no chance of going back to what we used to think of as normal. Terrorism is now a permanent feature of life around the globe.

He was the founding director of Everyday Theatre, a national theatre in education programme on preventing family violence and child abuse. His work in Christchurch schools following the series of earthquakes lead to UNESCO funded research and programme development of the Teaspoon of Light Theatre Company.


8:00 PM @The Birdcage | 133 Franklin Rd, Freemans Bay, Auckland

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