Can a GoPro and a 3D printer help in the fight to save the Great Barrier Reef?

30% of the Great Barrier Reef was bleached in 2016 alone. It’s one of our most precious natural landmarks, and it’s fading – fast. That’s where Will Figueira and his team of experts step in. Using 3D mapping and printing technologies, they’re working to recreate the natural structures we're losing to climate change and global warming. Can these efforts restore the conditions of the reef’s ecosystem so that the coral can return?


For marine biologist Will Figueira, seeing the dead coral in the Great Barrier Reef in 2016 came as a devastating shock. As the director of the University’s field station at One Tree Island on the southern Great Barrier Reef, he has been working tirelessly to assess the extent of the damage caused by humans, and develop methods of protecting the reef for future generations.

6:30PM @Bristol Arms (Bistro area), 81 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000 | Entrance over 18

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Also speaking at Bristol Arms  at 8:00pm is Stefan Volk

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