What is breast density and does it matter if your breasts are dense?

You might have seen the billboards up all around Australia from the Pink Hope charity warning “Any one of us could be dense”. They’re not talking about your IQ! This is about breast density and you may be wondering whether this is something you need to know about. Breast density has nothing to do with how breasts look or feel, it actually relates to what breasts look like on a mammogram. High breast density can make cancers harder to detect on a mammogram, and it is also a risk factor for developing breast cancer. Scientists are very actively studying breast density and there is great potential to use breast density to improve early detection of breast cancer and even to prevent breast cancer from occurring in the first place. So do you need to know if you are dense? Come along and learn more!


Associate Professor Wendy Ingman is a breast biologist working at understanding why women with high breast density have increased risk of developing breast cancer. Wendy is a leader and spokesperson for the InforMD alliance of breast cancer: researchers fostering a shared well-informed conversation about breast density, and is on the Expert Advisory Committee for the Pink Hope charity. Wendy is also a The Hospital Research Foundation fellow.

6:30pm @Republic (downstairs), 120 Magill Road, NORWOOD 5067

Also speaking at this location at 8:30pm is Lenka Malek & Yassine Souilmi