Troubled waters:

fixing Australia’s relationship with Indonesia

What happens when a relationship is in crisis, but it’s impossible to break up? Australia and Indonesia are neighbouring countries with different histories, ways of thinking and levels of development. How can we better co-exist with our neighbour and why might we want to? What does Indonesia have to offer Australians beyond the purchase of live cattle or a cheap holiday in Bali? This talk sheds light on the stumbling blocks between the two countries and provides an insight into the links occurring between the two countries that can help put the crisis into perspective.



Dr Vannessa Hearman is lecturer in the Department of Indonesian Studies at the University of Sydney. She is an historian whose PhD thesis dealt with one of the worst cases of mass violence in the 20th century and was jointly awarded best PhD in Asian Studies by the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) in 2014. Vannessa researches activism and human rights in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. She has published research articles in books, academic journals and publications such as Inside Indonesia, The Conversation, The Diplomat and New Mandala. Born in Indonesia, Vannessa has worked in East Timor and Indonesia in the areas of translating / interpreting, organisational capacity building, training, advocacy and program management in the aid sector. She is a nationally-accredited translator and interpreter in Indonesian. 

6:30 PM @ Playbar 

* Entrance over 18


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