Housing hack: A new model to home ownership

The housing experiences of Australians are changing. While owning a home was once the Aussie dream, rising mortgages coupled with employment precarity and an agile workforce mean that for many, the dream is growing increasingly distant or out of reach altogether. Clearly, something isn’t working. We need a new framework. Sophia is passionate about understanding the needs of a new generation of urban dwellers, whose housing experience is rented, shared and digitalised. She will explore how we might re-imagine our housing system through innovative models, to one that is not characterised by mass homeownership but rather greater diversity.


Sophia is a Lecturer in Urbanism at the University of Sydney, where she is researching the digital disruption of housing and cities. She is particularly interested in the intersection of the material, digital and the human, and how this effects our lived experiences, and contributes to environmental and social challenges. Prior to joining the University of Sydney, Sophia was a postdoctoral researcher on the EU funded Programmable City Project where she investigated the digital transformation of cities and urban governance. She worked on the development of the Dublin Dashboard, a city metrics indicator designed to provide Dublin City Council and the residents of Dublin (one of the most expensive cities in the eurozone) with real-time and relevant data on the City’s performance.

8:00pm @Surlys, 182 Campbell St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Penelope Crossley


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