Sex, lies and gender inequality at work

There aren't enough women. They aren't ambitious enough. They aren't skilled for senior jobs. Women need to choose between their careers and their kids. Flexibility means non-performance. Workplaces are meritocracies. Is this really what the Australian and international research and evidence on women, work and flexibility suggests? Rae addresses popular myths and lies about workplace gender inequality, and the ultimate impact on careers and bottom line performance.



Dr Rae Cooper is an Associate Professor in Work and Organisational Studies at the University of Sydney Business School, and Associate Dean (Undergraduate Business). As a researcher, Rae specialises in gender and work, flexible employment and employment relations. She has published more than 50 articles and chapters on these topics. Rae is Associate Editor of the Journal of Industrial Relations and co-author of the leading employment relations reference book in the region: Employment Relations: Theory and Practice.

Through her research, Rae is actively engaged with government, business and NGOs via boards and advisory committees. She has been a non-executive director for businesses across education and health and has played a leading role on government committees in relation to women and policy. 

6:30 PM @ Zigi's

* Entrance over 18


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