A Game of Homes: 

Play your way into the housing market

Young people have been sold out of the Sydney housing market by a range of powerful interests. The current diagnosis by government of cause and solutions leaves a lot to be desired and mainly consists of forming yet another task-force that in reality only pays lip service to addressing the ongoing affordability crisis. We discuss the strategies you can adopt to change this situation.




Peter Phibbs is a geographer, planner and social economist who been undertaking housing research for more than 25 years. He is Head of Urban Planning and Policy at the University of Sydney and Director of the Henry Halloran Trust. His recent research has been on the development of the affordable housing sector in Australia, the role of planning in affordable housing delivery, tenancy issues in remote Indigenous communities as well as the use of shared ownership models to improve affordability outcomes. He is a regular media commentator on the housing market and critical of the lack of policy action in this space.

6:30 PM @ York Lane

* Entrance over 18


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