In Praise of the Fool

The Fool is a walking paradox, an ancient archetype or recurrent psychological symbol within each of us that finds expression in myth, literature, art, religion, and the natural sciences. The Fool equals all possibilities, embraces opposites and walks the line between wisdom and ignorance, good and bad, reason and desire, the primitive and civilized, the conscious and unconscious, egoism and altruism, while serving as an emergent, awakened and redemptive agent in the midst of these opposing forces. In his talk, Professor Pazzaglini will examine the inner and outer journey of The Fool, the evolutionary and psychological conflicts within the individual and society, and the profound secrets The Fool reveals for the human pursuit of knowledge and self-knowledge.



Senior Scholar at the Heyman Center for the Humanities, Columbia University

Peter Pazzaglini is a Senior Scholar at Columbia University who teaches undergraduates in the Columbia College Core and conducts advanced seminars in the humanities for students, alumni in various professions and individuals in the performing arts. He has been consistently rated among the top instructors at the University. Professor Pazzaglini focuses on transdisciplinary work in the humanities and sciences and is the author of numerous books and publications in his field of law and history. He has received various awards, including Distinguished Service to the Core at Columbia. Fulbright, Woodrow Wilson, and National Endowment Fellowships.


8:30 PM @ Cafe Reggio