Quantum physics rules everything around me (and you)

Quantum physics facilitates almost everything we do in our daily life. Smartphones, internet servers, and GPS all work because of our understanding of quantum physics. But these technologies only scratch the surface of what could be possible if we were to harness and exploit the full richness of the field. Associate Professor Michael J. Biercuk will explain how fundamental quantum physics is to modern technology and how his research on the development of a new generation of quantum-enhanced technology seeks to accomplish nothing less than a transformation of energy generation and distribution and ultimately the way our societies are organised. 




Michael J. Biercuk is an experimental physicist and the Director of the Quantum Control Laboratory at the University of Sydney. His research program is focused on the discovery of new physics through control of matter and light at the quantum level, and the generation of new technologies exploiting the strangest effects in quantum mechanics. 

Michael's expertise has been recognised by numerous technical appointments, awards, and media appearances. He is a regular contributor to both technical literature and popular press, providing expert commentary on issues pertaining to science policy and the role of science in society.


* Entrance over 18


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