Magazines: dead or alive?

The shift towards digital communication has resulted in clickbait and fake news clogging up our news feeds. Meanwhile, the circulation of mainstream magazines is on the decline. 

Yet, there’s something unexpected going on in the background. The humble indie magazine is on the rise, and it’s making an impact in a big way. Join media and communications expert, Megan Le Masurier, as she discusses the mainstream magazine media landscape and the global rise of indie magazines in print.


Magazine veteran Megan Le Masurier knows a thing or two about magazines. Prior to launching a career in academia, Megan had a long career as a journalist and editor at an array of Australian magazines.

The editor of Slow Journalism, Megan is interested in how the 24-hour news cycle has compromised the quality and ethics of traditional journalism and the practices of slow media, especially the role of the printed indie magazine.

8:00 PM @Mojo Record Bar, 73 York St, Sydney | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at Mojo Record Bar Bar at 6:30 pm is Sascha Callaghan