Laws for the final frontier

Attacks on satellites. War in space. Once confined to imagination sci-fi writers, the militarisation of space is now a real possibility, and a threat to the safety of life on Earth. Hear from University of Adelaide legal expert, Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs, one member of an international research consortium based here in Adelaide tasked with developing a new set of international laws to govern the military use of space.


Associate Professor Matthew Stubbs is Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) of the University of Adelaide Law School and Editor in Chief of the Adelaide Law Review. Matthew has published widely in public international law, human rights and public law. He serves as a core expert of the Woomera Manual on the International Law of Military Space Operations, and is a member of the International Institute of Space Law. Dr Stubbs’ professional activities include service as Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Law Society of South Australia and member of the National Human Rights Committee of the Law Council of Australia.

6:30pm @Little Bang Brewing, 25 Henry Street, Stepney 5069

Also speaking at this location at 8:30pm is David Cropley.