Social media and mobile phone usage without a doubt have penetrated our daily professional and personal life with even greater use when planning what to see and do on holidays, while influencing how we behave when we are there.

Social media can inspire us, give us access to great prices and offerings, keep us in touch with family and friends, but can also take away those special moments in magnificent places with our companions. Social media has converted personal photography to a significant source of travel inspiration and the most popular way of online communication, self-expression and identity formation.

This talk will explore the positive and the negative impacts of mobile use on our holiday and leisure experiences. To avoid the social media ‘bounded solidarity’ and conspicuous consumption, the talk suggests that we need to be taught how to mindfully use the social media since the early stages of our life.


Marianna Sigala is Professor at the University of South Australia and Director of the Centre for Tourism & Leisure Management (CTLM). Prior to her current position she has been an academic staff at the Universities of Strathclyde and Westminster (UK), and the University of the Aegean (Greece). She also has professional hospitality industry experience. She is worldwide known for her research in tourism technologies and experience management. She has published eight books, while her work is also published in numerous other academic journals and books. She has served and still is a member of the executive boards of several associations such as IFITT, CAUTHE, EuroCHRIE and ICHRIE.  In 2016, she has been awarded the prestigious EuroCHRIE Presidents’ Award for her lifetime contributions and achievements to tourism and hospitality education.

8:30 PM @The Colonist, 44 The Parade, NORWOOD



Also speaking at The Colonist at 6:30pm is Michelle Baddeley

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