In this talk, political and media expert, Maria Armoudian explores the factors behind America’s shift from Obama to Trump. She examines the driving polarization and sharp, sometimes violent divisions between people on the left and right, tying together ideological, economic and institutional factors.  What accounts for the drift from relatively egalitarian principles to increasingly divided economics and opportunities? And can it happen here in New Zealand? 


Maria Armoudian is a Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Auckland. She balances and integrates her academic interests in conflict, genocide, human rights and American politics with more creative pursuits as a songwriter, musicians and radio producer.

Maria has authored two books, Reporting from the Danger Zone and Kill the Messenger and contributed articles to numerous international publications. She served as an environmental commissioner for the City of Los Angeles, on the Board of Taxi Cab Commissioners and worked on environmental protection, government oversight, poverty reduction, civil rights, and corporate reform legislation for the California State Legislature. 


8:00 PM @Everybody's, 7 Fort Lane, Auckland | Entrance over 18