Sex, drugs and violence = Forensic Psychological Profiling of Deviant Behaviours

The mainstream media has a fascination with reporting on aberrant and deviant behaviours committed by individuals. Many of these behaviours are reported in the forensic (legal) context when individuals are charged, sentenced or imprisoned. These news stories provide some detail on what occurred, but leave most of the general public to ask “why would anyone behave like that?” Having conducted forensic psychological evaluations as a medico-legal expert in some of the most notorious cases in legal history in South Australia over the past 15 years, Forensic Psychologist Luke Broomhall will provide general insights into the practice of forensic personality profiling. With reference to (de-identified) cases, Luke will outline the dominant theoretical paradigms related to deviant sexual behaviour, substance abuse and violent behaviour.


Luke Broomhall is a Forensic Psychologist who started in disability, workers compensation and workplace consulting, then worked in prisons in NSW and SA with some of the most serious offenders in Australia. He now uses his expertise to assist Courts and Organisations to understand and manage aberrant personality characteristics. He is the past chair of the Australian Psychological Society College of Forensic Psychology (SA Branch), Fellow of the College and presenter at Tedx Adelaide 2015. Luke is currently the Director of PsychCheck; providing pre-employment Psychological Suitability Assessments for Government and private organisations, and Acuity Psychology which provides strategies for enhancing employee wellbeing and productivity.

8:30pm @Alma Tavern, 66 Magill Road, NORWOOD 5067

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Fiona Kerr.