Is living longer better?

As science and medicine improves, we’re living longer and longer. But more often than not, extending your lifespan doesn’t mean improving your health. And besides, if your last twenty years are spent in and out of hospital, is there any point? Join Luigi Fontana as he shares his secrets to living a longer, healthier and happier life. He’ll dig into the nitty gritty of healthy ageing, and what to do to prevent the ageing process before it happens and, maybe, how to have the body of a 50-year-old when you’re 80.


Luigi Fontana is a physician scientist and world-leading nutrition and ageing expert who is credited with conducting the foundational research that gave rise to the 5:2 diet. His revolutionary work in this area led to the diets acceptance as an intervention to reduce the risk factors in cancer and cardiovascular disease, and many other age-associated chronic diseases. His current research takes a holistic approach to improving healthspan and lifespan in the population, drawing on the evidence base of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness research to help us get the most out of life.

8:00pm @Bristol Arms, 81 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Clinton Free

This bar is wheelchair accessible.


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