What is it your body does while your mind is asleep? How much is enough and what happens if you don't get enough? We will explore the impact of insufficient or poor quality sleep and also explain how it interacts with what you eat and how you burn energy.

Equally important to sleep is what we do when we are awake. Exercise is essential in not only improving but also maintaining health. This talk will examine if there is a ‘Goldilocks phenomenon’ when it comes to exercise.


Dr Naylor’s research is in the area of exercise as medicine, focusing on understanding how the heart and blood vessels adapt to different types of exercise training. She and her team applies this work to help clinical outcomes for populations "at risk" of heart disease. Louise has worked across the spectrum from elite athletes to chronically ill patients.

Dr Walsh holds joint appointments as a Research Fellow in the Department of Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep Medicine at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and as a Lecturer at the Centre for Sleep Science at UWA. Jen is a physiologist and her current research interests include investigating the causes of, and treatments for, sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnoea and insomnia.  She is also heavily involved in the teaching of three post-graduate courses in Sleep Science and Dental Sleep Medicine. 

6:00PM @Henry Summer- 69 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge