Let's talk about flex(itarians)!

Meat consumption patterns are changing in Australia, with a growing number of consumers choosing to reduce their meat intake – these are ‘flexitarians’. Different to vegetarians and vegans, who forego meat altogether, flexitarians include meat in their diet but are consciously cutting back. While we know that various reasons drive changes in meat consumption (including concerns around health, animal welfare and the environment), little is known about flexitarians specifically. Join Dr Lenka Malek as she fleshes out this growing flexitarian subgroup. You will go away understanding how flexitarians differ from other (more full-time) meat eaters; why some Australians are reducing their meat intake and others are not; what flexitarians are eating in place of meat; and whether we are likely to see more Australians shift towards flexitarian eating patterns.   


Dr. Lenka Malek, a qualified dietitian, was awarded a PhD in Medicine from the University of Adelaide in 2015. She is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre for Global Food and Resources. With an overarching health and nutrition focus, Dr Malek's research combines perspectives and methods from diverse disciplines (including nutrition, psychology, economics and marketing) to investigate human decision-making behaviour related to food choice. Her research aims to produce food-related consumer behaviour insights which can be used to inform development of and improvements in food and health policy. 

8:30pm @Republic (upstairs), 120 Magill Road, NORWOOD 5067

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Louise Hull & Wendy Ingman.