There are billboards on your commute home, targeted ads on Facebook, promotions on the back of bathroom stalls. Advertising is everywhere. As a constant presence in our everyday lives, it plays a powerful role in shaping what is considered desirable and ‘normal’. For decades, research has highlighted how advertising represents girls and women in ways that promote gender inequality. So how does this occur, and why is change so slow? In this talk, Lauren Gurrieri will demonstrate how advertising perpetuates unequal gender relations, how this is supported by the industry, and the problems of advertising self-regulation.


Dr Lauren Gurrieri is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at RMIT University, Australia. Her research examines gender, consumption and the marketplace with a focus on gender-based inequality in consumer culture. This includes how women can be stigmatised, stereotyped and excluded in marketing; issues of body idealisation, objectification and representation in marketing; and the strategies used by female consumers to resist and challenge marketplace norms.

7:30 PM @FAD Gallery, 14 Corrs Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

Entrance over 18  |  The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Also speaking at FAD Gallery 6:00 pm is Aleryk Fricker