An architect, a planetary geologist, and a social researcher walk into a karaoke bar … It sounds like a joke, but for this year’s Raising the Bar, we’re making it a reality. Come along to PartyWorld karaoke bar and settle into a booth. Like an academic lucky-dip, you’ll be visited by a random series of specialists. Each will deliver a short presentation on their research, followed by a karaoke song of their choice. 

Delve into the weird and wonderfully specific research of some of Melbourne’s brightest up-and-coming academics, and leave the karaoke bar with fewer regrets than usual!


Over the course of the evening, you’ll hear from three of the eight karaoke academics, randomly assigned to your booth:

  • Simona Castricum - Empathy and catharsis in a binary world

  • Asako Saito - Queering Media: Stories of men, by women, for women

  • Elena Balcaite - Passions for sport in the sport-loving city

  • Thomas Barker - Vernacular architecture of migrant groups in Australian suburbia

  • Rohan Byrne - Computational geophysics: how worlds are brought to life and why they eventually die

  • Anna Miltiadous - The miraculous adaptive genetics of the Zebra Finch

  • Harsha Chandir - Assessing the Assessment: How do students interpret and respond to the assessment of global competence

  • Bijan Shekibi - Brain-controlled prosthetics

7:30PM @PartyWorld, Melbourne Central, 211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Entrance over 18  |  The venue is wheelchair accessible.