We're already living inside the matrix: the importance of computer clicks in determining our future

Running a digital weekly and a print quarterly are two very different jobs, but the beauty of performing these two jobs means that publisher Josh Fanning has access "behind the curtain," into the magic of the internet. While the internet and technology have been separated from humanity, Josh's presentation seeks to demonstrate their singularity. And while the term 'globalisation' seems to have been replaced with 'disruption', Josh will also discuss and hopefully introduce you to the real ways in which automation and technology are creating a single global narrative that is quietly displacing and disrupting the very reality we live in today. While we read and consume media, in 2019, our media is also reading and consuming us. Josh's presentation for Raise The Bar this August will offer information, insight and a touch of hope for how we might live our analogue-digital lives in the future. 


Josh Fanning published his first magazine 12 years ago with a special feature on the ANZAC legacy and featuring an illustration of his overweight housemate in WWI regalia on the cover. That cover has become somewhat symbolic of Josh's career and personal mission to wage war with the status quo in Adelaide and give voice to a new generation of Australians who seek to change and challenge the cultural and economic outlook of this great  state.

6:30pm @Stones Throw, 127 The Parade, NORWOOD 5067