Look what you made me do: Taylor Swift and (un)social media

Social media influencers are redefining privacy and surveillance, one Instagram post at a time. New social platforms have heralded in new means of reinvention, allowing people to concoct online identities that are worlds apart from their real selves. Just ask Taylor Swift, who has used to her recent video clip to forge a sparkly new image, spurring thousands of takedowns and think pieces in the process. If superstars crave a fresh start online; where does that leave the rest of us? Guiding us through this social media rabbit hole is our resident expert, Jonathon Hutchinson, who will delve into all things social media: curated online identities, social influencers and digital privacy, ultimately posing the question: does our social media presence define our identity?


Self-confessed excessive emoji offender, Jonathon Hutchinson’s research gives an insight into life in the social media landscape: from snapchat filters, cyber-terrorism through to daggy parent behaviours online.

6:30 PM @Oxford Hotel (gingers), 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 | Entrance over 18

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Also speaking at Oxford Hotel (gingers) at 8:00pm is Jess Kean

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