What to eat, what not to eat: A pregnant women’s guide

Dr Grieger will highlight the importance of a healthy diet both before and during pregnancy, focusing on foods, nutrients and dietary patterns. She will dispel the myths around foods to avoid or not avoid and highlight key nutrients and supplements that support pregnancy health. Additionally, she will highlight some of the research she has undertaken looking at pre-pregnancy factors that associate with the timing of pregnancy.


Dr Jessica Grieger's current research focuses on nutrition in pregnancy and understanding how changes in diet can modify metabolic health to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes. Jessica's current research projects include how different maternal exposures associate with time to pregnancy, and pregnancy complications. Jess has experience in simulation and optimisation dietary modeling as an approach to hypothetically predict changes in diet quality and health related outcomes according to nutritional exposures.

6:30pm @The Avenues, 114 Payneham Rd, Stepney SA 5069