Marriage equality: the morning after

What will happen when same-sex marriage becomes a legislative reality? One side of the debate argues that it will be the undoing of society, with gender norms the first casualty. The other side tells us it’ll be business as usual, with an extra serve of equality. But there is a third story to tell. In the middle ground between these two extremes lies a range of interesting possibilities – what effect might the achievement of marriage equality have on gender norms? Or the social standing of the married couple? Or on LGBTQI politics itself? Join gender studies expert Jessica Kean as she speculates on Australian society after same-sex marriage.


Jessica Kean is a Scholarly Teaching Fellow in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. She teaches undergraduate courses on gender, sexuality and intimacy and her current research investigates ideas about love, sex and friendship in relation to monogamy and its alternatives. Jess believes it is past time to raise the quality of discussion around issues of gender and sexual diversity and justice.

8:00 PM @Oxford Hotel (gingers), 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 | Entrance over 18

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Also speaking at Oxford Hotel (gingers) at 6:30pm is Jonathon Hutchinson

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