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Making education a part of our city’s popular culture

Raising the Bar is a global initiative making education and innovation a part of our city’s popular culture. We create one of a kind, knowledge-driven events in your favourite bars and cafés. Our goal is to raise the bar on the content people consume in their everyday lives.

Rasing the Bar brings to the fore the importance of innovation and diversity within education.
All 50 venues sold out within 48 hours of event’s announsment.
Awesome Lecture Series Brings Free Flowing Knowledge To New York's Bar Scene.
The event is designed to turn the bars into pop-up learning labs.

RTB Academia

Turning Bars
into Classrooms

Education shouldn't be restricted to the classroom so grab a drink and hear academics share their research, ideas and theories from the comfort of your local bar.

RTB Entrepreneurship

Celebrating Entrepreneurship

RTB Entrepreneurship is an exchange of knowledge and experience – hear from entrepreneurs and innovators from different industries as they share the highs and lows of their business journey.

Raising the Bar
to your city!


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