How does a barrister triumph in the courtroom? The same way a TV show stops you changing the channel: by telling a strong, convincing story. Drawing on her practice as a barrister and her work as a television consultant, Hilary Bonney will take you through the importance of narrative in bringing Melbourne’s legal scene to life. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the application of a sound narrative in helping you tell more compelling stories.


Hilary Bonney is a barrister and a writer. She has written two true crime books, The Society Murders (Allen and Unwin) and The Double Life of Herman Rockefeller (Penguin). Hilary first worked in television as story consultant when The Society Murders was adapted into an award winning movie. Hilary is the co-creator of Crownies and associate producer to the Janet King series. She is also a story consultant on Newtons Law which aired on ABC this year.She has taught criminal law and advocacy at universities in Australia and the Pacific and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine. Her passion is story telling in courts, real and imagined.

5:30 PM @The Grill, Garden State Hotel, 101 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000

Entrance over 18  |  The venue is wheelchair accessible.

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