Will a machine be my new doctor?

As humans enter the era of cognitive computing the promise of machines knowing more and making better decisions than humans will soon be realized. In no other field is the use of machines to augment cognition more important than in medicine, where decisions can literally mean the difference between life and death. Despite the explosion of medical knowledge over the past decades, physicians are, ironically, unable to leverage the new information because the volume is so immense that it is essentially inaccessible. As a result, patients’ diagnoses are often missed or delayed and evidence-based management inconsistent. 

Perhaps healthcare in the future would best be provided by robots, whose fund of knowledge is unlimited and whose diagnostic acumen unparalleled. If so, what would be the role of us merely adequate humans?

My talk will create a vision of the future, of a team effort, human and machine, providing the best medical care possible.


Professor of Clinical Medicine in Biomedical Informatics, Columbia University

Dr. Chase is currently a Professor of Clinical Medicine (in Biomedical Informatics) and involved in several research projects that explore the development and potential integration of artificial intelligence into the electronic medical record (EHR) to improve medical practice. Project include developing automated methods to detect chronic kidney disease in its earliest stages; using machine-learning to predict the future natural history of chronic illnesses; implementing strategies for pharmacovigilance operating through the EHR; and creation of a patient record summary in the EHR. Dr. Chase served as a medical advisor to the IBM team that developed the medical version of Watson and was a member of the Watson Healthcare Advisory Board. He continues to develop new educational programs at Columbia where he is currently implementing two four-year curricular threads, one in Biomedical Informatics and the other in Medical Decision-Making.


6:30 PM @ The gray lady


*Entrance over 21