When not to keep calm and carry on: Learning how to deal with work stress

What is the most stressful part of your job? For most Australians, it’s dealing with disgruntled clients, customers, patients or co-workers. After a stressful encounter, we often have to go straight back to our jobs, push aside our emotions and carry on like everything is okay. This near constant management of our emotions is incredibly taxing, and how we deal with stress can have a huge impact on our lives and the organisations we work for. In this talk, Helena will explain how emotions will continue to play an important role in the future of service work and outline strategies for what employees, managers and organisations can do to make our jobs more sustainable and satisfying.


Helena Nguyen is a Senior Lecturer in Work and Organisational Studies and co-director of the Body, Heart and Mind in Business Research Group at the University of Sydney Business School. Helena's research is multidisciplinary, and her interests include the role of emotions and cognition at work, human performance, work engagement and well-being. Helena is passionate about doing applied, engaged research. She works closely with organisations to help solve important practical questions and to advance theory and knowledge on how to maximise employee performance, health and well-being at work.

6:30pm @PS40, Skittle Ln, Sydney NSW 2000

Also speaking at this location at 8:00pm is Amanda Salis

This bar is wheelchair accessible.


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