Building new brain, a work in progress

Contrary to old beliefs we now know that we change our brain every day. We prune neurons every few seconds, and re-route connections, which we call neuroplasticity. But we can also build new brain through specific activities, shaping our brain according to what we pay attention to. And we can do it all of our lives. Almost as amazing, we build and shape each other’s brains too. So what sort of capabilities do you want to shape, and how can you keep building new brain well into old age?


Dr Fiona Kerr combines cognitive neuroscience and systems engineering to examine the amazing brain, the neurophysiological impact of human interaction, and how this is altered by and through technology, especially AI. Her research projects and work include how these areas impact fields as diverse as work, healthcare, defence, technology design and use, belonging, empathy and social capital. Fiona combines her role as Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity at the University of Adelaide with speaking and consulting internationally to companies, industry sectors and governments.

6:30pm @Alma Tavern, 66 Magill Road, NORWOOD 5067

Also speaking at this location at 8:30pm is Robert N Moles