Partnering with Research - from ideas to products

Academic research is often seen as unrelated to what happens in ‘the real world’. Related to this, Australia has one of the lowest rates of research-industry collaboration in the OECD countries. Rather than this being an issue, it is actually an opportunity for growth. Globally there are many companies that make good use of university research to grow. Can this be done in South Australia? Yes. In this lecture, Associate Professor Drew Evans will explore the ways in which business minded researchers can enable entrepreneurship and assist companies to grow. From his experience of over a decade at the interface between research and industry, Drew will showcase the partnerships and their successes in advanced manufacturing and new technology here in South Australia. For example, the development new automotive parts for global export with SMR Automotive, and creation of new agricultural sensors with Sentek Pty Ltd.


As an Associate Professor and research leader at UniSA, Dr Drew Evans uses his expertise in thin film coatings for taking scientific discoveries through advanced manufacturing to commercial applications. He interacts and leads R&D with global industry partners across a diverse range of industries (automotive, renewables, biomedical, agriculture and manufacturing). He has formed collaborations with academic leaders to establish the science behind the R&D - bridging both fundamental and applied projects.

6:30pm @Republic, 120 Magill Road, NORWOOD 5067

Also speaking at this location at 8:30pm is Jennifer Ma


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