What’s on the Other Side of Your Touchscreen?

How is sound (and video for that matter) captured and stuffed into an iThingy? Vallancourt takes a look at the nature of sound, human hearing, and the slight of hand that allows your entire musical existence to be carried around in your pocket or streamed from “out there” somewhere. Along the way, Vallancourt will also poke into other technologies you’re probably holding in your hand at this very moment.



Senior Lecturer in Circuits and Systems, Columbia University

David Vallancourt has been awarded a dozen patents for his work at Bell Labs, Texas Instruments, Vitesse Semiconductor, and PMC-Sierra. He is a master of digital sound, or more specifically "Analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit design for communications applications." In 2005 Dr. Vallancourt returned to Columbia University, where he left his position as assistant professor to focus on his work at Bell Labs. Today he teaches courses in electrical engineering, and has received several awards, including the Engineering School Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award and Columbia University Presidential Teaching Award.


6:30 PM @ AYZA Wine & Chocolate Bar


*Entrance over 21