Weeding out the myths about Cannabis

Whether you love it, hate it, smoke it or grow it, cannabis has a long history as part of human life. Sometimes illegal, sometimes not - how much of what you know about this remarkable plant is true or false? And what secrets does it hold that haven’t yet been discovered? Join Dr David Allsop as he looks at the history of the cannabis plant, the myths surrounding it, and the many possibilities it holds for improvements in medicine, science and public health.



Dr Allsop is a Senior Research Fellow in psychopharmacology and addiction medicine at the University of Sydney. He specialises in understanding the endocannabinoid system; the neural receptors that cannabis binds to in the brain and body, in relation to health and wellbeing. Dr Allsop has spent the last six years intensively studying new treatments for cannabis dependence, and was part of a team who recently received an extraordinary philanthropic gift at the University of Sydney worth A$34 million to launch a program exploring the potential of medical cannabis for a wide range of disorders.

6:30 PM @ Manning Bar 

* Entrance over 18


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