Love thy neighbourhood  

Launching community action – it’s not just reserved for those enthusiastic types who like to interject in public council meetings and participate in strata committees. 

Getting involved can be for everyone, if you know how. Urban planning expert Dallas Rogers is passionate about the important role citizens can play in making their suburb better and planning for its future. In this talk, Dallas will discuss the complex powerplay between local government, the private sector and citizens.


It was a 20,000km cycle trip along the Old Silk Road that set Dallas Rogers on the path to academia. A demanding feat, 25-year-old Dallas found himself cycling between Singapore to the United Kingdom, through places as diverse as the Himalayas and the French Alps. Meeting local people, staying in their homes and learning about their communities taught him a lot about global poverty, and upon returning to Australia in 2001 he decided to pursue an international development degree. 

Fast forward 17 years, Dallas Rogers continues to share his passion through his work on housing equality and neighbourhood action. As the program director of the Master of Urbanism, he researches housing poverty and wealth in global cities and is especially interested in how the private sector influences urban planning decisions. 

6:30 PM @The Sussex hotel, 20 Sussex St, Sydney | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at The Sussex hotel at 8:00pm is Chris Fox