For the love of art

Imagine counting the footsteps of all the people who drifted through Wynyard station and the stories they could tell. When the wooden escalators that served Sydney commuters at Wynyard Station for more than eight decades were removed last year, our in-house art-itect (that’s artist and architect), Chris Fox, saw the potential of using public art to tell those stories. Using the remnants of the 1930s escalator treads, the installation is a nod to Sydney’s past, while embracing our future. 

Join Chris as he tells the story of how this installation came to be, the barriers he encountered along the way, and how public art makes an imprint on a city’s personality. 


Artist Chris Fox is interested in the conceptual boundaries between art and architecture. His work playfully explores the technical and conceptual grammar of architecture and construction by altering sites through installation, object and drawing. 

A senior lecturer in art processes and architecture, Chris is passionate about equipping students with cross-disciplinary technical and conceptual skills. In 2018, he was awarded the National Trust Heritage Award for the Most Outstanding Project of the Year for his installation at Wynyard Station. He has exhibited in numerous solo, group and collaborative exhibitions in Australia, USA and Europe, with an established sculptural practice of large-scale public and private commissioned artworks. 

8:00 PM @The Sussex hotel, 20 Sussex St, Sydney | Entrance over 18

Also speaking at The Sussex hotel at 6:30 pm is Dallas Rogers