Seat back, have a drink and let the knowledge flow through your open mind.

Raising the Bar provides all Londoners with an amazing educational opportunity as a part of which 30 world-renowned academics are coming down from their lecterns to share their knowledge in quite a daring surrounding: the city's bars.

What if we mix education with popular culture making it affordable and understandable to a wider audience? Raising the Bar unique initiative was first who came up with this simple but genius idea.

Organized by students and supported by Columbia, New York and other universities it is aimed at educating and enlightening young people and thus enriching their life, broadening their horizons, inspiring and waking up the desire for knowledge. What started in New York last year, has grown into a global initiative with a stop in London. Raising the Bar London will feature 30 amazing speakers sharing their experience and knowledge, 20 vibrant bars all around the city and a long list of vital topics to be discussed.

The list of speakers is just too good to be true. Among them are professor Aaqil Ahmed, the Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC, who will shed some light on the necessity of religious programming. Raj Persaud, a world renowned psychologist and a Consultant Psychiatrist as well as bestseller author, will talk on the psychology of success and on how to make your mind work on you to achieve any goal set avoiding mental blocks.  

With 6,000 attendees at last year's event in New York, London is ready to take up the challenge and to Raise the Bar. The initiative is probably to beat the US traffic as it is the only event in London to offer free lectures and in what a tempting way.

Raising the Bar