Raising the Bar believes that education should and can happen anywhere!

A new group hopes to bring learning to the less structured bar scene.

Originally from New York City, Raising the Bar is an initiative aimed at spreading knowledge and shaking the city’s nightlife culture. In April 2014, their inaugural event featured 50 top university professors to lecture in 50 bars throughout Manhattan over the course of one night. Their event was an absolute success, with all tickets being completely sold out.

Tonight, Raising the Bar is coming to Hong Kong! 

Brought to you by a dedicated team of young professionals, Raising the Bar’s Asia debut will happen in Hong Kong at 10 different locations tonight across Central and Soho.

The goal?

To bring education out of the ivory towers and right to where you usually have your happy hour drink on an average Tuesday night.

In contrary to the traditional beliefs and notions regarding education in Hong Kong, where it is relatively formal and structured, Raising the Bar believes that education should and can happen anywhere. This means that sitting down with a group of strangers and your favourite professor at a bar, debating about topics ranging from martial arts to social architecture, could actually be one of the most enlightening experiences in Hong Kong!

Additionally, since there are many misconceptions surrounding Hong Kong nightlife and bar culture, Raising the Bar is hoping to change these views, and redefine what nightlife means to the average Hong Konger.

Raising the Bar