Design Thinking: the creative mind-set

Building and running a global consulting firm and working as a Director of a Business School, provides Dr Andrew MacDonald with a unique perspective on "thinking about" and then ultimately disrupting industries. Design thinking is a continuous process for the entrepreneur, who must find new problems and then iterate to discover new ways to answer them. Successful intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs begin by answering the question "who is the customer?" and then work backwards to the technology. Design thinking utilises the designer's toolkit like mindset and touchpoints to create unique customer experiences that they actually want. Andrew will offer insights, ideas and stories of working with companies including SAP, UBS, ANZ, Possible Worldwide and Telstra, in more than 35 counties that will enable participants to determine a better future for their themselves, their business and their customers.


Dr Andrew MacDonald, Managing Director Mieza Consulting and a Director of the University of Adelaide Business School, is a globally‐recognized leader in Financial and Professional Services, known for his pioneering work in Design Thinking, Innovation and Customer Experience Transformation. He is author of the internationally acclaimed article "Why should anyone bank with you?" published by the London Business Strategy Review. Andrew has become known for cutting through the complexity of CX transformation by helping companies in today’s fast changing operating environment design unique customer experiences and implement innovative solutions. Over the past 15 years, Andrew has designed and delivered CX and Design Thinking workshops for executives in hundreds of companies from more than 35 countries. Andrew has a Ph.D. in Macroeconomics/Globalisation (University of Melbourne), Bachelor of Arts, Hons (Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia). He also holds positions as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School and Eruditus Executive Education (INSEAD & Wharton) in Mumbai where he teaches customised executive education programs in Design Thinking, Leadership, Customer Experience Transformation and Wealth Management.

8:30pm @The Colonist, 44 The Parade, NORWOOD 5067

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Kirk Drage


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