Could anything surpass the impact of the Internet? Brace yourself! 

Blockchain (the underlying technology of Bitcoin), which is one version of distributed ledger technology (DLT), could transform the world.

In lay terms, Blockchain is the safety deposit system of cryptocurrency. It’s the stuff of techie librarians’ and international auditors’ dreams. Think: every transaction, who, what, when, how – recorded, compressed, packaged, sealed, warehoused, with an unbroken, tamper-proof storage and retrieval system. Blockchain, however, goes far beyond mere money and could secure our identities, privacy, health records and more.  

Sit back as Alex unpacks the Blockchain phenomenon and DLT genius. 


Alex Sims is an Associate Professor of Commercial Law at the University of Auckland. Alex’s legacy research is on copyright law (in particular fair dealing and fair use) and consumer law. 

More widely known as a blockchain researcher and enthusiast, Alex was part of a team awarded a grant by the Law Foundation on the legal regulation of digital currencies in New Zealand and Australia. Amongst other things, Alex is on the Executive of University of Auckland’s Cyber Security Foundry.


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