What is love? Harnessing the power of oxytocin

Why does your heart skip a beat when you look into the eyes of that special someone? It’s not your body playing tricks on you, but the work of a complex set of hormones guiding attraction, bonds and love. Adam Guastella believes we can harness these responses to improve mental health and social conditions. In this talk, he’ll discuss the incredible effect of oxytocin, its science and effect on a range of mental health issues – from social anxiety through to autism, and how this pioneering research could improve millions of lives.


Adam Guastella is a clinical psychologist at the Brain and Mind Centre. He’s interested in the neurobiology of social behaviour, that is: how we can use neuroscience to develop novel treatments for patients with mental health problems. His remarkable methods have the potential to revolutionise how mental health professionals treat anxiety disorders in the community.

6:30PM @Since I Left You, 338 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000| Entrance over 18

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