You know my country’s corrupt, but what about yours?

Donald Trump has made corruption in the United States more famous than ever. But American democracy was downright rotten before Trump, and this talk will explain why that is – and why New Zealanders should care.

It turns out that, despite its reputation as one of the least corrupt countries, New Zealand has serious vulnerabilities to government of, by, and for the wealthy. 

Tim will explain why that is and why, if you don’t already care about this, you should! 

Corruption, plutocracy, and kleptocracy will all be household names after this talk. And yet, it won’t be a total downer — it turns out that there are ample reasons for hope.  


Tim Kuhner is a writer and law professor known for his critical approaches to the state of democracy today. He is the author of Capitalism v. Democracy: Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution (Stanford University Press, 2014), a book that received acclaim from the Harvard Law Review, Thomas Piketty, and Lawrence Lessig. He is also the co-editor of Democracy by the People (Cambridge University Press, 2018), an edited volume on campaign finance reform. Tim teaches courses on anti-corruption law and comparative constitutional law at the University of Auckland. 

6:30pm @LaZeppa, 33 Drake Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland

Also speaking at this location at 8:00pm is Damon Salesa.