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designing technological solutions

Professor Parikh will discuss his experiences designing technological solutions aimed at increasing the welfare and agency of marginalized populations worldwide. This includes Avaaj Otalo, a phone-based voice message board allowing small farmers in rural India to ask, answer and browse agricultural questions and answers, and Local Ground, a data collection, mapping and information visualization tool that helps youth marshal and use data in support of their civic initiatives. Professor Parikh will explore several themes in this work, including the design of accessible interaction techniques allowing new populations to author content, the importance of bottom-up data for planning and evaluating development projects, and the inherent limitations of technological and data-driven approaches to achieving social change.



Associate Professor of Information Science, Cornell Tech

Tapan Parikh’s research includes human-computer interaction and the design and evaluation of information technologies for education, governance and international development. He has a long history of developing, deploying and evaluating community information platforms supporting applications in agriculture, health, education, finance, governance and other areas. Parikh has received the NSF CAREER award, a Sloan Fellowship and was named TR35 Humanitarian of the Year. Find out more about Tapan here

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