What is sex? What is gender?

Since the 1960s feminist theorists and philosophers have often made a distinction between 'sex' and 'gender', as between natural and cultural determinants of human existence and behaviour. As popular controversies over what we can ascribe to sex and what we can ascribe to gender still rage, this talk will ask: can we distinguish between sex and gender? Is sex division as straightforward as we popularly tend to think it is?



Stella Sandford is Professor of Modern European Philosophy in the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Kingston University, London. She is the author of Plato and Sex (Polity, 2010), How to Read Beauvoir (Granta/Norton, 2006) and The Metaphysics of Love: Gender and Transcendence in Levinas (Athlone/Continuum, 2000). She is co-editor (with Mandy Merck) of Further Adventures of the Dialectic of Sex: Critical Essays on Shulamith Firestone (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) and (with Peter Osborne) Philosophies of Race and Ethnicity (Continuum, 2002). She is a long-standing member of the Radical Philosophy editorial collective and a member of the executive committee of the UK Society for Women in Philosophy. 

7:00 PM @ 93 Feet east 

* Entrance over 18


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