Economics and happiness in a time of rapid climate change 

Is money or happiness more important?

For the fourth King of Bhutan the answer was clear. In 1972 he declared that his country would pursue a goal of maximising happiness instead of economic growth, sparking an international debate.  As the King put it: "Economics is a means to an end and can never be an end in itself."

The idea of economics in this essentially Buddhist view is that business and money are a means to human flourishing and that in the modern world happiness and wellbeing are increasingly sacrificed in the name of economic growth. In this thought-provoking talk Ross will speak to the growing international movement to re-frame economics and the meaning of happiness in a time of increasing ecological destruction and widespread inequity.


Dr Ross McDonald is a multiple-award winning teacher working in the areas of economic justice, sustainability and economic development. He has worked on educational advancement with the United Nations, on the economics and psychology of wellbeing with the OECD and played a significant role in the development of Bhutan's unique approach to development in the form of gross national happiness. 

Ross was an inaugural teaching fellow at the University of Auckland Centre for Learning Advancement and Research and teaches courses in organisational ethics and sustainability.

8:00pm @Everybody's Bar and Restaurant, 7 Fort Lane,Auckland 1010

Also speaking at this location at 6:30pm is Craig Sutherland.